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How do I watch a session on the JVC?
Last Updated 3 years ago

You will need to be registered and marked as paid (either automatically with an online payment through the JVC or manually by a staff member with an offline payment) for any events that require payment before you view an sessions through the JVC for an event. If the event is free, you only need to register for the event and select your free ticket.

You will need to click on the event, then My Schedule, and finally click on the session you are wanting to watch. You may need scroll through the days to find the correct date. Once you are on the correct session, you will see your view link towards the bottom. It will say "Broadcast Link" and the link itself next to it says "Click Here to View". If the session isn't live yet, the screen will show a countdown to the scheduled start time and then display the stream once it's live. If the session is already in progress, you will see the live stream. If the session is over, you will see the playback video beginning at the beginning of the stream.

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